Life Model Works

Life Model Works is a non-profit organization based on brain science and scripture. Their goal is to empower people with knowledge and skills that are then self-propagating within their community.

Dedicated Web Design was asked to help improve Life Model Work’s website security and fix the many flaws that happened when a novice WordPress user attempted to be their website administrator.

Life Model Works got on one of our monthly maintenance plans and has had no security issues or serious website outages since then.

At first we were doing only website maintenance but soon we were asked to do graphic design for their marketing efforts and events throughout the year.

Since becoming Life Model Works website administrators and graphic designers we have helped with may different projects such as: photography, print design (flyers, presentation folders, catalogs, etc), web video and graphics, streaming on demand, website security, civiCRM (customer resource management), financial donation management, stripe payments, paypal payments, logos, event management, POS integration and more.

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