5 Reasons To Get a Custom Website

5 Reasons to Get a Custom Website

The question, why get a website?, is a big one especially when it could means thousands of dollars are spent just to create it and maintain it, that is why we are going to give you 5 reasons to get a custom website.

To give a little perspective the most expensive domain name sold was Insurance.com at $35.6 million (see more expensive domain names) and from what we know the most expensive website upgrade and redesign is recovery.gov which had a 5 year contract at $18 million. Now you may be a little nervous about getting a website! To ease your mind you can get a simple website built for around $500. We encourage you to contact us for a free estimate. Websites can be compared to a car, you can get the base model or a super car. It all comes down to your needs and budget.

Now for the 5 reasons to get a custom website

brand-recognition 1. Brand Recognition

Whether you are a startup, a multi-million dollar company, or a non-profit getting an online presence with a custom website and domain name will be more exposure of your brand to the many internet goers. How many times do we see the McDonald’s logo? What comes to mind when you see or here that name? We instantly know that it is a place that serves burgers. How would you like everyone to know your brand?

internet-presence 2. Internet Presence

There was a survey conducted in 2012 asking how many consumers had or had not used the internet to find local businesses. Only 15% said they had not used the internet to find local businesses. While 16% said they used the internet every week to find local businesses. Remember this was back in 2012, the number of searching consumers is increasing every year.

sales-while-sleeping 3. Sales While Sleeping

You can think of a website as a salesperson working 24/7 for you. It can contain the services and/or products you offer, contact information, hours of operation, specials, events and take online payments or donations. You can also run online ads or print ads that direct people to specific pages on your website. Each ad can be created to specifically target the areas that will created the biggest conversion rate.

why-custom 4. Why Custom?

With all the build it yourself websites out there it can appear like the thing to do. However, if we are honest the websites built by amateurs tend to well, look amateur. A potential customer might see the website and think it is a reflection of your business. First impressions are important and a custom website will display in an organized and professional manner the who, what, when, where and why of your brand and business.

reserve-now 5. Reserve Now

As your business grows, which we all hope it does, you will want to also grow your online presence. Consider that your domain name may be taken and you will have to add or subtract important aspects of your business name to register an available domain name. We all know you don’t want to have to pay thousands or even millions to get a domain name that matches your business name. Every 60 seconds approximately 70 new domain names are registered! Going back to using McDonald’s as an example, if we typed in mcdonalds.com you know you would go to their website. Reserve your domain name and get a simple website built to start with and then grow it as your business grows.

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