Madison Family Clinic

Madison Family Clinic is a family health provider with a focus on the entire family and accepts patients from the newborn to elderly. They approached Dedicated Web Design to create a new website with a custom design. Their old website had been hacked and blacklisted by several companies. We transferred their account to our hosting services, cleaned the account of viruses and removed the site from blacklists. Using WordPress we created a 100% responsive website with security measures to prevent future hacks and backups in case something did happen. With the help of the Madison Family Clinic team we created a website that they loved and we enjoyed working with them very much. If you are looking for a family clinic in Richmond, KY you should give them a try!


  • Create a new responsive modern website
  • Remove viruses, malware and website from blacklists
  • Build site with a content management system (CMS) and page builder to allow their team to manage and make edits to the website
  • Give patients easy access to forms that can be downloaded and filled out before they visit the clinic
  • Showcase services and latest posts
  • Provide details about the clinic such as contact information, hours and staff info