Horde Webmail Going Away

Horde webmail interface

Horde relies on PHP 7.4, which reaches End-of-Life on November 28, 2022. Because of this, we have removed the Horde webmail interface. Use Roundcube for Webmail.

The system will automatically migrate all Horde data to Roundcube.

7th Oct 2022
When should you enable WordPress plugin auto-updates?

WP version 5.5 added the automatic update feature. However, it doesn't mean you should enable auto-updates for all plugins. A plugin conflict could occur causing the website to crash.


5th Nov 2020
Dedicated Web Design launches new web hosting and domain name system!

Welcome to Dedicated Web Design! You've reached our brand new web hosting and domain name purchasing website! Over the past couple of years we've been manually working with hosting and domain names for our clients. This has started to become quite the overwhelming chore and taking up more time than it should. With this new system we can better ... Read More »

7th May 2019